Mark Spektor Alex Spektor

Mark Spektor

Mark Spektor is the Director and founder of the InGroup of companies. His foresight and vision that content will be integrated, led to the establishment of a network of companies that provide production and marketing services across multiple platforms.

Through innovation, technology and his extensive business experience, Mark has positioned the InGroup as a significant force in the marketing landscape. Mark holds a Bachelor of Laws and Business Management Degree.

Alex Spektor

Alex Spektor is a composer and director with over 30 years experience in international music. He completed his studies at the College of Music in Russia and is fluent in five languages.

He has played with renowned European performers and produced five albums. His knowledge of acting, film and TV production go back to Austria where he worked with producer/director Axcel Corti.

Alex has produced successful stage shows and was involved in the production of a charity concert for the victims of the Beslan tragedy. He’s currently developing a TV series and a documentary.
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